Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Greetings from Cold and Dreary California

You've probably noticed that posting has been a bit slow around Red Ramekin lately. A weekend in Vermont and now a 3-week stint in California/Hawaii haven't been helping much, either.

We arrived here in San Francisco yesterday morning, and I won't be back in Boston until August 24th. I really did mean to post a nice recipe on Monday (the day before departure) but I wasn't feeling well and certainly wasn't up to cooking, photographing, and blogging. Although I'm feeling great now, I unfortunately am without access to a kitchen, so the recipes and photographs will likely not be reappearing until the end of the month.

In the meantime, I hope to give you updates on my eating adventures here on the West Coast. Nothing too interesting to report yet, but in the next few days we are planning on eating at Ubuntu, an organic restaurant/yoga studio in Napa, Conduit, a nice restaurant in the city (for the event of my birthday!), and perhaps at another restaurant in Sonoma. So far, we've managed to get coffee and some snacks at an organic grocery, but haven't done much serious eating.

Speaking of which, does anybody have any good recommendations for places in or around San Francisco? And also, what's up with the weather here? It's August and 55 degrees...seriously, I'm freezing. It may be the season of stone fruits and berries, but I'm in the mood for a thick, hearty stew and some butternut squash at the moment.

Well in any case, I'm not complaining...I've been to northern California enough to know that the food here is routinely top-quality and generally worlds better than anything on the East Coast. I guess that makes up for the "summer" weather!

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Dawn said...

Farallon on Post Street near Union Square. Amazing seafood. They change the menu often and I've never been disappointed. Great raw bar and wine selection. Seafood is local and sustainable. Atmosphere is worth it alone.