Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Question From My Mother

Well, lucky me - I have another cooking question to answer, this time from my mother. She writes:
I made oven-baked fries seasoned with fresh dill, oregano, pepper, and kosher salt. I tossed with olive oil. Still, I thought they were bland and not at all like the Greek-style fries that I love. Ideas? Probably fresh garlic would do the trick?
I love oven-baked fries, and we used to get them at a fantastic, family-run Greek restaurant near our house when I was at home. They always sliced the potatoes lengthwise in wide, flat oval-shaped sheets, maximizing surface area for a tangy and heartily-seasoned treat.

But, back to the question at hand: Yes, I think you are quite right that fresh garlic would make the fries more robust. I would approach these like a Greek-seasoned crouton; creating an olive-oil based mixture to brush over each potato slice. In this case, since you are going for Greek, I would keep the oregano but forget the dill. Dill can be nice, but it won't really go with the garlicky taste that you are after here. Instead, I would replace it with another Greek flavor, such as dried mint, or maybe parsley.

I would also recommend adding some lemon juice to your spice and oil mixture. This will definitely impart some Greek-ness to your fries. Here is my recommendation, in rough recipe form:
Oven-baked French Fry Dressing

1/4 c. olive oil
2-3 pressed garlic cloves
generous kosher salt and freshly-grated black pepper
dried oregano and mint to taste
2 or so tbs. lemon juice

Whisk ingredients together thoroughly, and spread on potato slices using a kitchen brush.

Let me know how they turn out next time!


Miriam said...

And for the record those 'oven-baked fries' were actually deep fried. No wonder they were so delicious. The mint sounds like a good idea, but I had lots of dill on hand.

Mia said...

Let's call it "creative memory," then. Are you sure they didn't just put so much olive oil on them that you thought they were deep fried? I think the garlic and lemon are the things that will really do the trick.

Emma said...

I made some fries tonight, not by this recipe. I like making them. Delicious no matter how you do it.